Athena Collective SPRING Forum | MARCH 2018

Additional information to follow

Women As Entrepreneurs - DISCUSSION AND Q&A

with Athena Collective Founders Nicole Carpenter and Whitney Wright

Hoover Library | AUGUST 19, 2017


Athena Collective Investment Forum | March 22 & 23, 2017

The Investment forum will provide participants:


AN Action-Based Curriculum

Equip women to be angel investors while introducing them to high-growth potential start-up businesses using a proven curriculum

A Vetted Network

Connect new angel investors with proven investors, community leaders, industry experts and entrepreneurs

Resources AND TOOLS

Arm angel investors with tools and ongoing support to turn theory into action


Workshop Segments:


Startup Investing and Your Portfolio

Why invest in startups? What role can startup investing have in my wealth portfolio? How can I build a diverse portfolio of startups?

Choosing Early Stage Startups

What do companies look like at this stage? What signals show that a company has traction? What are best practices of choosing startups?

Getting the Deal Done

What goes into a deal? What are the best practices for negotiating terms? What is the deal process like; how long does it take?

Beyond the Check: Mentoring & Networking

Why invest both time and expertise? What can I do to be a good mentor?

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